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E-Bikes Etiquette

It's important to be aware of how to interact with other people and cars using the same roads and trails as you ride an electric bike because they are becoming more and more common. So let's look at some recommendations designed to encourage safe biking, maximum enjoyment, smooth interactions, and the development of a supportive biking culture.

Electric bikes' high speeds are one of the features that are mentioned the most frequently. They can travel far more quickly than a regular bicycle and, in some places, even keep up with traffic. Although many people find this to be a key selling factor, riding a bicycle at a speed of 20 mph or more has certain particular requirements.

High-speed, motorized bicycles must now share the road with pedestrians, other cyclists, and automobiles practically every day. It's important to follow proper electric bike protocol. Being aware of your surroundings is not only polite, but it is also crucial for safety. A speedier bike might increase your chance of an accident or injury, especially if you are not careful to follow the fundamental traffic laws.


Follow the etiquette listed below to make the roads and trails enjoyable and safe for everyone.


  • Obedience to cyclist laws:

Ebikes are subject to local cycling laws and regulations just like any other vehicle on the road. Following the law is crucial for safety reasons as well as out of consideration for other road users. For instance, the presence of an electric scooter in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood might annoy people.

Ebikes must abide by regular bicycle legislation because they are categorized similarly to bicycles in the majority. For instance, ebike regulations are identical to those that apply to regular bikes. However, ebikes are categorized as motor vehicles in several states.

Before you start bicycling, make sure you thoroughly investigate the local laws and ordinances so you are aware of the traffic laws.


  • Avoid using the sidewalk

It's against the law to bike on the sidewalk in several states and localities. However, even if both electric and conventional bikes are allowed on the sidewalk, ebike users should exercise common decency and stay in bike lanes or on highways.

Traditional bicycles are thought to be dangerous for pedestrians, and the fast speed of an ebike only heightens the possibility of harm in the event of a collision. Whenever possible, ride in the bike lane; but, if one is not available, always dismount and walk your bike if you must remain on the sidewalk.

Knowing the neighborhoods in the area is an excellent way to prevent sidewalk clutter. Try to limit your cycling to locations that you are certain have functional bike lanes.


  • Use the right signals:

It's regarded as both polite and a common safety procedure to signal your intentions to turn or halt to other cyclists when riding any kind of bike.

While common hand gestures differ from place to country, the following ones are used:

  1. Turning to the left requires fully outstretching your left arm.
  2. Turning to the right, fully extend your right arm to the side.
  3. Put your left arm out in front of you and bend it downward 90 degrees as though you were stopping or slowing down.
  4. Make sure to carefully research the regulations applicable to your situation. It's crucial to let drivers and other bikers know your intentions when riding an ebike because they frequently keep up with traffic.


Here are our top helpful tips for electric bike safety and protocol:

  • Just keep in mind that you are not riding a motorcycle, but an ebike! Observe all traffic regulations that apply to non-ebikes, such as using hand signals for turns and giving way to pedestrians. Ride off the sidewalks!
  • Make sure you are aware of any local e-bike-specific legislation and speed limits, and follow them.
  • You represent ebikes as an ambassador. That implies you should show extra consideration for non-e bike users in order to promote both yourself and the business. You want others to look at you with envy, not rage!
  • Be seen! To make sure you are seen, use reflectors, lights, and other devices.
  • When parking your bike, be considerate of other bikes, cars, pedestrians, and other objects. Lock the batteries and your bike.
  • Ride without distractions! Keep your phone in a pocket, backpack, or other secure place. Keep in mind that the USB connector on the Bike battery allows you to charge your phone while riding.
  • Never go without a helmet. The safe and hip thing to do is to do it.


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