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5 Gadgets that help you to secure E-bike!

E-bikes have been steadily getting more and more popular for several seasons. Nevertheless, e-bikes can profoundly revolutionize the way people travel in communities and the whole infrastructure facilities. The main or sole cause for the bicycle market's rapid rise is electric bicycles. Since these modern electric bikes are a serious investment you must guarantee that your bicycles are well-protected at all times. Take a glance below to learn about the essential gadget you can use to ensure the safety of your E-bike.

A camera for your bicycle!

Finally, one of the best accessories for Ebike safety is a little camera. It will not only help you catch potential mishaps in time for your safety, but it will also help you enhance the likelihood that your bike will not be stolen. Such a camera will quickly send live video to your phone and may catch the perpetrators taking your bike on camera, allowing you to seek retribution through legal means.

Fix a camera for averting theft

Buying insurance in the case that your bike is robbed is reassuring, but the ultimate goal is to avoid robbery in the very first situation. This alarm is activated whenever someone moves or lifts the bike while it is locked, and it completes the smart locking functionality. Your anti-theft alert is loud enough for everyone within a 50-100 metres radius to notice something is wrong. The app will also notify you so you can respond as soon as possible.

GPS tracking and real-time location Devices!

The GPS will assist you in locating the bike at any time and in any location. It's a valuable feature that can save you time if you're visiting a new city and forget where you parked your bike, as well as giving you an extra chance of recovering your bike in the case of a theft and allowing you to check on your bike frequently. Not only that, but it may also help you keep tracking of your mobility and how far you has traveled in a day with ease.

Smart unlocking!

With the smart lock, you can lock and unlock your bike with a single touch via the smartphone. Since the bike can only be linked to one device at a time, you are the only one who has access to the clutch. An alert will sound if you try to unlock the bike by force while the smart lock is active. When your smartphone is out of power or not within the contact, you always have to use a code to physically open the smart lock.


Confound thieves with a U lock!

Secure your bicycle. Literally, Crooks hunt for bicycles that appear to be easy to take on, while no locking is impenetrable to an impact of a wrench. having a well-secured bike is frequently enough to have them move on to the next objective. It is recommended that customers who enjoy travelling with an E-bike get a U-lock rather than a chain or folding lock as it is more secure and safe.

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