Ienryid Warranty

Ⅰ. Return without reason All costs arising from the return of goods without reason shall be covered by the customer. Requirements: returned goods can not affect the normal secondary sales, need to keep the product intact, as well as packaging integrity, etc.. If the returned goods affect the normal secondary sales (if the goods can only be sold as second-hand goods) due to reasons on the part of the customer, our company does not accept no-excuse returns.

Ⅱ. Damage on arrival When the customer receives the product, after opening the box and finds that the product is damaged or malfunctioning, please give feedback to our company within 7 days of receiving the goods (the time is subject to the actual logistics delivery time). There are 3 kinds of solutions available. A) Replacement parts: If the solution of the problem only requires replacement parts, our company will provide free parts and bear the logistics cost. B) Return and Refund: If the product is not working at all, our company will provide return shipping label to the customer. After receiving the return and confirming it, we will provide the customer with a refund (of which the shipping cost arising from the first shipment will not be refunded) C) New product replacement: If the customer wants to replace the product with a new one, we will provide the return shipping label to the customer. After receiving the return and confirming it (no human damage and complete accessories), we will provide the customer with new goods. More than 7 days of after-sales issues will not be considered as 'damaged on arrival', such cases will be treated as normal quality issues for after-sales.

Ⅲ. Quality issues: (non-human damage) (1) The customer receives the goods more than 7 days, but within 6 months. If there is a quality problem with the product during this period, customers can send the product back to our warehouse for repair, our company provides free parts and free repair. The logistics cost of sending the product back to the warehouse will be borne by the customer. After the product is repaired, the shipping cost of returning the product to the customer will be borne by our company. In this time period, for product quality problems, if only need to send accessories to customers for replacement, our company provides free accessories and video guidance, customers need to bear the corresponding logistics costs. (2) The customer receives the goods more than 6 months, but within the 1 year warranty period (Note: The battery warranty is 6 months and the charger warranty is 3 months. There is no warranty on plastic parts except in the case of damage on arrival.) If the product has quality problems, the customer can send the product back to our warehouse for repair, we provide free parts and free repair. The customer bears the corresponding logistics costs. In this time period, for product quality problems, if only need to send parts to customers for replacement, we will provide free parts and video guidance, the customer needs to bear the corresponding logistics costs. (3) The customer receive goods more than 1 year warranty period. Our company provides lifelong paid maintenance after-sales service. The customer needs to pay the corresponding accessories and maintenance costs, and bears all logistics costs.

Ⅳ. After-sales technical guidance If customers encounter after-sales problems and need technical guidance from us, in order to determine the problem and solve it faster, please ask the customer to take a short video about the specific problem and attach a short text description with the original order information to our company. After we receive the video and text description from the customer, our technical staff will give a solution within 1-2 working days.

V. Non-Quality issues If the failure is caused by non-quality problems, even within the warranty period, our company is only responsible for providing after-sales service, but does not bear any related costs. A) Such as prolonged use in the rain or immersed in water and other kinds of water caused damage to the battery, instrument damage, damage to the connection cable connector, etc. B) Such as weight overload drive, long time climbing or long time driving on bumpy roads, etc., resulting in failure. C) If the user does not strictly follow the instructions of the user's manual to use, maintain, etc. D) If the user does not confirm the authorization of our company for private modification, or modify the appearance of the product, function, etc., resulting in failure. E) E) If the user stores or uses the product in an incorrect environment causing accidental damage, etc., resulting in failure. F) If the user does not comply with local laws and regulations, various accidents occur that do not comply with the warranty term.

Ⅶ. Return method: Customers need to find their own local logistics to return to the warehouse. After waiting for our warehouse to confirm receipt as well as inspection, we will then do further related processing.

Ⅷ. The final right of interpretation of these terms and conditions belongs to our company. In case of dispute during the validity of the contract, the buyer and seller will negotiate and settle the agreement.

Attachment: Guidelines on Return Process 1. When issuing an application for return, the customer shall provide the order number, logistics tracking number, detailed address information of customer return, and the reason for return (if the return is caused by product quality problems, relevant pictures or videos must be provided). Whether the processed products need to be sent back to the customer and other information. 2. When customers arrange their own logistics to send the goods, please notify our company in advance and confirm before operation. Please be sure to let the customer make the unique mark and paste it on the parcel. After the customer provides the return logistics tracking number and makes the corresponding mark on the package, please take a picture and leave it. Our warehouse will confirm the receipt of goods through this logistics tracking number and the corresponding marked package photos, which is the only way to confirm the receipt of goods by our company. If the customer does not provide or provide the wrong logistic tracking number and photos, we will not bear all the losses caused by this. (Note: This method does not support cash on delivery) 3. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, the warehouse system will match the corresponding return order in the system according to the logistics tracking number and the unique mark on the parcel and confirm the receipt. To be confirmed by our company to carry out the subsequent refund or repair and other related matters.