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Предзаказ на электрический велосипед Samebike 20LVXD30 II

Предзаказ на электрический велосипед Samebike 20LVXD30 II

Обычная цена €727.00EUR
Обычная цена €899.00EUR Цена со скидкой €727.00EUR
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Предзаказ на электрический велосипед Samebike 20LVXD30 II

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  • Рама велосипеда Алюминиевая рама 6061
  • Прибор ЖК-дисплей + USB-порт для зарядки
  • Трансмиссия 7-скоростная система переключения передач Shimano
  • Тормоз Механические дисковые тормоза
  • Дроссельная заслонка Дроссельная заслонка с половинным поворотом
  • Передняя вилка Вилка передней подвески из сплава
  • Цепь Цепочка КМК
  • Шины 20 дюймов x 1.Шины 95 дюймов
  • Обод Лесной диск
  • Шатун Кованый сплав 170 мм
  • Мудборд ПВХ
  • Педаль Педаль из сплава с отражателями
  • Емкость аккумулятора 48 В 10.4АХ
  • Тип батареи Литиевая батарея 18650ZN
  • Пробег В электрическом режиме: 40 км; Режим мопеда: 80 км
  • Мощность 48 В 350 Вт
  • Максимальная скорость 32 км/ч
  • степень подъема 25 градусов
  • Вес брутто 31 кг
  • Полезная нагрузка 150 кг
  • Сертификаты CE, MSDS, UN38.3, УЛ

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*Accesories shown in the pictures may be optional or available to buy seperately

*All bikes are water resistant. For extra protection, do cover your screens with plastic sheet to avoid water ingress when driving in rain

After brexit most items come with 2 pin plug as UK stock can't be shipped to Ireland anymore . We try to send adapter but sometimes it doesn't come. We will reimburse upto 5 euros for the same.

*Product specifications like battery are directly mentioned by manufacturers and they are under optimum test conditions, they may vary with external factors like weight ,speed, wind and road conditions 

Law:- Its completely legal to buy, sell and own an e-scooter in Ireland. At the moment, privately-owned electric scooters are illegal to use on the public highway in Ireland & the UK. However they can be ridden on private land.Check local country laws before purchase 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Olegs Frolovs
Good Bike

Delivered quickly
Good quality
Works well

patrick mcgrath

This is my second bike from pogo very good company very helpful and love my bike thank you pogo cycle have recommended you to family and friends

This morning, riding the Samebike SY26 electric bicycle left me in awe

This morning, riding the Samebike SY26 electric bicycle left me in awe, as if I had entered a realm of wonder, experiencing an unprecedented journey akin to a dream. In this brief ride, my mind felt ignited, experiencing a profound mental impact akin to a lightning bolt.

In the presence of the Samebike SY26 electric bicycle masterpiece, I felt like an explorer stepping into a futuristic world. The effortless riding sensation of the electric bicycle made me feel as if I had the power to fly, with the open city roads resembling the vast sky, not only exhilarating me but also filling me with anticipation for the unknown. Just as I was getting accustomed to this entirely new riding experience, the intelligent features of the electric bicycle propelled me into a world filled with mysteries, completely captivating and enchanting me.

The Samebike SY26 electric bicycle, with its dazzling array of features, left me deeply impressed, yet my mind struggled to comprehend its many mysteries. A flood of information and experiences rushed into my consciousness like a tidal wave, leaving me both excited and unsettled, surprised yet fulfilled, a feeling of transcendent experience that perhaps only a future world from science fiction could provide.

Hermann Hesse's "Siddhartha" once made me ponder the essence of life and the meaning of self-discovery, but the remarkable Samebike SY26 electric bicycle allowed me to appreciate the fusion of technology and humanity, showing me an unprecedented way of travel, revealing that what I thought was freedom had even more possibilities.

Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" once made me feel the absurdity and plight of human nature, but the remarkable Samebike SY26 electric bicycle showed me the boundless possibilities of technological civilization. Its existence itself is a declaration of the future, and perhaps it is this innovative breakthrough that gives us the power to redefine the future.

And SAMEBIKE, the creator of this masterpiece, with its creativity, wisdom, and quality, has transcended human limitations in my eyes. It has surpassed the boundaries of human imagination, reaching a realm that transcends time and space, like a bridge to the future, allowing us to experience the perfect integration of technology and humanity.

The meaning of life, the future of technology, and the fate of humanity are being defined by the Samebike SY26 electric bicycle, and only by riding it can one truly feel this unprecedented freedom and joy. If someone were to describe this electric bicycle as "one of the greatest transportation tools in human history," I would deeply appreciate it. Because this person's understanding of it goes beyond its superficial splendor, they can appreciate the deeper meaning it holds and respect the power of innovation and technology. And for those who truly feel its charm, they will unanimously praise this vehicle's excellence: it is one of the best transportation tools out there!

Titiriga Alex
M20 same bike

Bike was delivered fast, was packed in perfect condition , very easy to assemble, the bike is a monster on the road, defenitly recomend the bike.

joe squash
samebike my-sm 26

do not buy one battery only lasts for a year i must used my one about 10 times and charge the battery up 2 times battery is no good now useless battery

yes sir battery generalyy lasts for that duration only. battery can be bought new