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Newly launched eBikes and eScooters

Definitions and classifications of e-bikes are becoming more widespread in the world. Currently, e-bikes are defined in all states and people are enjoying riding with e-bikes. When looking for an e-bike, it's crucial to be aware of newly launched e-bikes and their prices because they could differ slightly from the old e-bikes models.

Are you seeking the newest and best electric bikes and electric scooters at affordable prices? Then, you are at the right place.

We share your enthusiasm for new E-bikes, cutting-edge technologies and enhanced riding experiences.


We've put up a list of the top new electric Bikes with their prices:


Eleglide M1 Upgraded Electric Bike:

    • With wider wheels measuring 27.5 inches, longer handlebars measuring 26.8 inches, and hydraulic suspension with lockout, the new M1 and M1 Plus are both enhanced.
    • Robust Motor: With its powerful 250W motor, high-speed brushless motors, and 36V intelligent brushless controller, it can help you travel at 25 km/h with ease.
    • 5 power levels and 3 riding modes: You can choose the pure electric mode to enjoy a relaxed time and can also use it for training. Other modes include assistant mode and yourself. By tapping the "MODE" key as needed, you can quickly change power levels.
    • Perfect brakes and 21-speed gearing: The electric bicycle has Shimano 21 speed and front and rear disc brakes, so you may select any speed.
    • This E-Bike is available in the affordable price of €679,00 EUR


    Bezior X1500 Folding Electric Mountain Bike

    • Removable Huge Capacity Battery 12.8AH: With a 48V 12.8Ah high-capacity battery, it is more durable.
    • High Speed Brushless Motor Of 1500W: The high-speed 48V 1500w brushless motor is lightweight. Its internal star gear design can increase torque and increase the rate of energy efficiency conversion.
    • The result is an increase in cruising range, an increase in speed performance, and an improvement in climbing performance while simultaneously reducing energy use and silent energy usage.
    • This E-Bike is available in the affordable price of €1.428,00 EUR


    Shengmilo MX02S Electric Bike

      • The safe load for this ebike is up to 180 kg, and the aluminum alloy frame is both light and sturdy. 26 x 4.0 inch fat tyres, which increase the friction of the road surface and increase driving stability to accommodate all types of road conditions, including snow, sand, and mountain bike trails, increase the safety of your riding journey. You can ride comfortably and safely thanks to the sturdy, high-strength aluminum alloy suspension fork and 21-speed shifting system.
      • Strong power from the 48V*1000W brushless motor will make your journey more enjoyable. The motor's MAX speed is roughly 40 km/h, and under typical road conditions, the gradeability can reach 35°.
      • This E-Bike is available in the affordable price of €1.349,00 EUR

      If you are looking for electric scooters, here is the list of trending electric scooters with their prices:


      Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro Electric Scooter-2022 Edition (18Ah battery)

        • The manufacturer's stated maximum range (during testing) was 70 kilometers. Actual range varies from 35 to 65 km based on factors including height, weight, elevation, road quality, and wind speed.
        • This electric scooter has Strong Grip, Durable, and Secure It is appropriate for various types of roads.
        • 500W Motor: Powerful and Capable of Running at 40-45km/h
        • To enhance your nighttime riding safety, add a safety warning taillight and front LED light.
        • Shock Mitigation System: You can ride comfortably with the help of a dual shock mitigation system.
        • Folding Handle: Assists in compacting the scooter when it is folded.
        • Braking System: Both the front and back wheels of the electric scooter have twin disc brakes.
        • This electric scooter is available at price of €679,00 EUR


        AOVOPro M365 ES80 Electric Scooter

          • The most robust, fast, lightest, and battery-powered electric scooter is the AOVO PRO ES80 [New version]. Additionally, it has the most advanced standards and technologies.
          • The AOVO PRO can travel up to 40KM on a single charge thanks to a robust 10.5Ah regenerative smart battery and a potent 350w brushless motor!
          • The Aovo Pro is ideal for anyone looking for an e-scooter that is both useful and fashionable thanks to its sleek and elegant appearance.
          • The most recent technologies include Bluetooth connectivity so you can use the AOVO app on your smartphone to track your speed, distance traveled, time spent riding, and other crucial statistics.
          • This electric scooter is available at price of €305,00 EUR


          Bezior S1 Electric Scooter-Exclusive 2022 edition:

            • Outstanding Quality: Excellent grade, high performance aluminum alloy with a maximum load capacity of 120 kg.
            • 1000W Motor: Large battery capacity, excellent loading ability, and powerful 1000W motor fulfil your daily needs.
            • A safer ride: Bright front lighting improves nighttime cycling safety.
            • Folding Style: Space-saving, foldable, and transportable.
            • This electric scooter is available at price of €655,00 EUR
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