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DUOTTS F26 Pro Electric Mountain Bike

DUOTTS F26 Pro Electric Mountain Bike

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Unmatched Adventure With F26 Offroad Ebike

The F26 offroad bike, equipped with a sturdy dual 750W motor system, takes electric cycling to the next level. Seamlessly transition to pedal-assist mode and journey up to 100-120 kilometers. Featuring 26*4.0-inch inflatable tires, Duotts' dual-motor ebike F26 ensures stability across snowy landscapes, sandy beaches, or rough mountain trails. Opt for the F26 offroad ebike and embark on an exhilarating and breathtaking adventure!


Powerful Motor

100-120 KM

Extended Range

130 Nm

Max Torque

48V 20AH

Samsung Battery

25 KM/H

Top Speed

150 KG

Max Load

Duotts F26 Offroad E-bike
The Dream Choice of Explorers. Duotts F26 offroad ebike is equipped with a powerful dual 750-watt motor system and paired with unique 26*4.0 inflatable tires. Whether it's snowy terrain, sandy landscapes, or rugged mountain paths, you can advance steadily, creating your magnificent legend with our dual motor ebike F26.

Intelligent Motor

The Duotts F26 offroad ebike has a high-speed, continuous 750W*2 brushless geared hub motor delivering a maximum torque of 130 Nm, ensuring unparalleled power to conquer challenging terrains effortlessly. With our dual motor ebike F26, you can experience unmatched driving pleasure as every ride becomes smooth and comfortable, no matter the conditions.

Experience Off-Road Thrills

Off-road biking adventures reach new heights of excitement with Duotts offroad ebike F26 intelligent motor assistance powering your wheels.

Discover Limitless Adventure

The Duotts F26 off-road ebike offers unparalleled performance and versatility, making it the perfect companion for any adventure seeker. With our dual motor ebike F26, you can experience a journey filled with simplicity, performance, and pure enjoyment. Duotts pedal assist ebike F26 takes your exploration to unprecedented levels.


Empower your ride with the flexibility to toggle effortlessly between single and dual drive modes. Whether you're cruising through the city or conquering challenging terrains, our intuitive switch mechanism ensures optimal power and efficiency tailored to your needs. Elevate your journey and experience the best of both worlds at the flick of a switch!


Step into a vivid world of cycling information with our 5-speed multifunction LCD color display! Beyond just data, experience visuals in striking high-definition clarity that elevates your ride's interface. It's not merely a display; it's a vibrant window into your cycling journey. Choose brilliance, choose clarity, and redefine your riding experience with HD in full color!


Transform your riding experience with the 158DX Electric Half-twist Throttle! Designed for riders who crave precision and instant power delivery, this throttle ensures an immediate response at your fingertips. Its ergonomic half-twist design guarantees smooth acceleration transitions, giving you complete control over your journey's pace.Command power, embrace speed!


Illuminate your journey with flair using our stylish headlight! More than just a light, it's a statement of elegance and modern design. Perfectly blending functionality with aesthetics, this headlight ensures you not only ride safely but also turn heads wherever you go. Light up the night, and ride in style!


Unveil the future of cycling with our seamlessly integrated built-in battery, nestled within a frame that epitomizes minimalist elegance. Beyond mere function, this design reflects a harmonious blend of power and artistry, ensuring your ride isn't just efficient, but also a head-turning statement. Elevate every journey with a fusion of performance and aesthetics.


Elevate your riding experience with our detachable rear rack! Expertly crafted for the modern cyclist, it provides dynamic storage solutions while maintaining the bike's sleek profile. Whether it's for your daily commute or spontaneous adventures, attach or detach with simplicity, tailoring your ride to the journey ahead. More than just an accessory, it's a game-changer for your cycling needs.


Conquer any terrain with our 26*4.0 off-road Fat tires! Designed for the fearless adventurer, these robust tires provide unmatched grip and stability on even the most challenging landscapes. Whether you're navigating sandy dunes, rocky trails, or muddy paths, their wide profile ensures optimal traction, giving you the confidence to explore the uncharted. Venture beyond the ordinary and experience the extraordinary grip and versatility of our Fat tires!


Unleash the ultimate power surge with our front and rear dual 750W motors! Crafted for those who demand more, this potent combination ensures rapid acceleration, unmatched torque, and consistent performance. Glide over terrains with ease, tackle challenging routes, and feel the adrenaline rush with every twist and turn.


Experience the pinnacle of stopping power with our advanced hydraulic brakes! Precision-engineered for maximum control, these brakes offer instant, responsive halting even in the most demanding conditions. Whether you're navigating steep descents or sudden stops in urban terrains, rely on our hydraulic system for a smooth, safe, and confident braking experience. Don't just brake, command your ride.

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*Accesories shown in the pictures may be optional or available to buy seperately

*All bikes are water resistant. For extra protection, do cover your screens with plastic sheet to avoid water ingress when driving in rain

After brexit most items come with 2 pin plug as UK stock can't be shipped to Ireland anymore . We try to send adapter but sometimes it doesn't come. We will reimburse upto 5 euros for the same.

*Product specifications like battery are directly mentioned by manufacturers and they are under optimum test conditions, they may vary with external factors like weight ,speed, wind and road conditions

Law:- Its completely legal to buy, sell and own an e-scooter in Ireland. At the moment, privately-owned electric scooters are illegal to use on the public highway in Ireland & the UK. However they can be ridden on private land.Check local country laws before purchase

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Customer Reviews

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I recommend

Even though the cargo arrived late, it is nice that it arrived without any damage. I am happy for the support I received during the purchasing process. Installation is quite simple. For those who don't know, it might be nice to include an installation instruction booklet in the box. The bike is a little bigger than I expected, but my opinion changed as I used it. The silver color looks very nice. The material quality is nice and the hydraulic brakes work perfectly. With its dual engine and 5 levels of electrical support, it has a really good acceleration time. In electric-only mode, I cannot reach the 50km limit stated in the advertisement. Battery runs out after max 36-38km. Considering that the included charging adapter is 2A and the battery capacity of the bike is 17.5A/h, this charges really slowly. It may be nice to sell with a fast charging adapter option. It is perfect for rough and dirt roads, but I think the electricity consumption is a bit high for asphalt. It's definitely a nice bike for the price. I don't know what problems I will encounter as I use it, but so far everything is fine.

Robert Sobkowiak

I bought this bike on August 20. He came on time. I did about 800 km and I think I can write a review. I'll start with the disadvantages: pedaling assistance, something more would be useful between levels 4 and 5. On 4 it accelerates to 35 and on 5 it's over 45, which is a big difference because at 5 I often chase the pedals. I will add that there is a disappointing lack of instructions for the LCD display, I found it on the Internet, but some settings make no sense, when I change the number of support levels from 1-5 to 1-7 or 1-9, there is also a very large jump in speed between the 2nd and 3rd level of support. , in 2nd gear it goes to 35 and in 3rd gear it's at the max, it makes no sense because 4 to 5 don't make a difference (Maybe someone could help me set it up so that there wouldn't be such a difference). Another disadvantage (although it's not a disadvantage of a fat bike) is the very noisy tires, you have to get used to them, and at this price the bike lacks of rear lamp I consider as a disadvantage. As you can see, there are only a few disadvantages.
What's cool about this bike?
I fell in love.
It's great and I think it will stay with me for a long time. The quality is very good, there is really nothing to complain about, the brakes are very strong, really good, the lamp is strong, which I really appreciate because I drive 40 km one way to work in the dark. I love this bike even with its small flaws.
I sincerely recommend both the seller and the bike.

Please if you can copy this here

Russell Maphosa

I've had it for less than a week and it has been nothing but amazing I have 100kilmeters on it already and it's been a good ride all the way

Please if you can copy this here

Tapio Isolauri
Duotts F26 Electric Mountain Bike

My experience is so far good! I have only drive 70km. I hope there would be more information for computer settings, but everything else is fine.

Late delivery and damaged

I hat to wait over 3 weeks for my bike which is ridiculous and top of that the front disc is warped and brake pads don't align, the piston housing is rubbing against the hub and scratching it. The battery will not come out so I could charge the bike. Very bad manufacturing. I will not buy again from here.

SIr our normal delivery times are 7-10 working days which is around 3 weeks. we can send a new disc if required. apologies for the dent, might have happened during transit